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Mufti day campaign speeches for student charity choices


Classes lobbied for the right for their chosen charity to receive the money from this Thursday's Mufti Day.  Class representatives gave speeches at assembly today, and then there was a secret ballot.  The RSPCA came second, but the  winner of the most votes was the Westmead Hospital Liver Unit, and this charity will receive the Mufti Day funds. 

Read on for some passionate, persausive writing by John Colet students on a wide variety of causes...

The RSPCA needs your help!
The RSPCA is a wonderful charity that looks after animals that may have been abandoned or treated badly. The RSPCA runs 40 shelters in Australia and it needs $80 million each year to keep these shelters running and help the animals. They rely on kind people just like us to raise this money each year. Unfortunately, many animals are abandoned over the Christmas period. As it is nearly Christmas time, our money would be greatly appreciated at this busy time for the RSPCA. Our money can help pay for looking after the animals, educating the community and finding animals a new loving home.

The RSPCA does a great job helping poor animals that don’t have a loving home. They collect animals that some people have dumped or just don’t want anymore. How do you think it would feel to be dumped and not cared for? Frightened? Scared? Alone? Some pets have just become lost and they also help them to find their family again. The RSPCA give them food and water, shelter, a nice warm comfy bed and most importantly some LOVE!

The RSPCA helps educate people who don’t always treat their pets very nicely. Sometimes people don’t always know that they are doing the wrong thing. The RSPCA lets people know that they should not leave dogs in a hot car, that you should provide them with shelter, give your pets enough food and water, exercise them, treat them humanely, and take them to the vets regularly to check for ticks and get their vaccinations. The RSPCA also goes out to farms to check that the farmers are treating the animals nicely eg. Not keeping chickens in a cage and not letting them see daylight for their whole lives.

The RSPCA finds lost and frightened animals a forever home where they are loved and cared for. People can go to a shelter and adopt their new best friend. If the RSPCA didn’t help these animals, they may not have been saved. Our money helps to pay for the shelters where the animals live until they find their forever home. Unfortunately, the sad fact is that if there aren’t enough shelters, many animals would need to be put down.

In conclusion, Upper First would like you to vote for the RSPCA to receive our donation. It will help many animals to live a great life and be loved. If you love animals and want to help them, then vote for the RSPCA!

Upper First M
Combined effort

Hi there!
My name is Saskia T and I am from Upper First I.  I’m here to tell you about the RSPCA.  The RSPCA is a charity that helps pets that are lost or their owners are cruel to them.  I think we should donate money to the RSPCA so that animals can live a happier and longer life and to also teach people not to be cruel to animals.

The RSPCA is special to me because I have a dog called Alfie and we got him from the RSPCA.  So why not get a pet from the RSPCA rather than a pet shop?
Please vote for RSPCA because it can make a big difference.
Thanks for listening.
Saskia T,
Upper First I

First Seeds Foundation
Today I would like to talk about the The First Seeds Fund.  I am part of this fund.  That is why I would like to fundraise for this charity.
The First Seeds Fund is a group of people who want to raise money for people in Australia who are not as lucky as us.  They help families in Warwick Farm.  Warwick Farm is one hour away from us here today.
Last year John Colet School raised over $400 and also delivered Christmas presents to the children in Warwick Farm.  With your support, I think we should do this again.
People in Warwick Farm do not have:

·         Enough food

·         Toys to play with

·         Clothes to wear

·         People to help them with their schoolwork

·         Safe places to play

The best thing about this charity is that you can meet the people who you are helping and you can see how happy you have made them.
I invite any of you who want to, to come with me to Warwick Farm and meet the girls and boys that we are helping, regardless of whether you vote for me or not. Because I believe this is the best charity.
Thank you for listening,
Callum T
2nd class C

Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia
Good morning Headmaster, teachers and students.
Dr Catherine Hamlin, an Australian obstetrician has been working her whole life to help mothers and babies in Ethiopia.  Today she is 90 years old and still helps.
She started a charity called Hamlin Fistula Ethiopia that helps mothers having trouble giving birth and needing medical care.  Just imagine a baby is born and has no milk or proper care because their mother just died from illness or starvation.  Hundreds of babies and children become orphans.  Every day, the babies are crying and suffering for food, care and their mothers while we are enjoying our ice-cream, Minecraft and video games.
So please help Dr Catherine Hamlin.  Please help these mothers.  Please help these babies.  We can make a difference.
Thank you,
Mi Mi P

Good morning,
Autism Awareness Australia makes people more aware of children who have autism.  Autism, also known as ASD, is a neurological condition that can cause negative attention to them and their parents.  Sometimes my bother Josh, who has autism, has outbursts.  From my experience in public, people give Josh dirty looks and think that he is a bad child or that he has bad parents.  The charity, Autism Awareness Australia, makes people realise that children with autism cannot regulate their behaviour.

Three reasons why it should be supported:

The government’s monetary support is very minimal.  Compare this to a person who has cancer: everybody instantly feels sympathy for him because there is more awareness.  And the government pays for research and treatment.  With autism, however, the government hasn’t done considerable research and we don’t know enough information.  This means people who don’t know will have misunderstandings.  Children with autism just want to be loved, understood and accepted like everyone else. 

More research needs to be done because we need to know more about how ASD affects families.  They have to pay up to $100,000a year for physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy and applied behaviour analysis.  The government is negligent with supplying money to families.  Children on the autism spectrum need additional help.  Autism Awareness Australia needs more support to fund more research.

Autistic children are like a treasure chest.  They are locked and the charity I am supporting is trying to teach us how to unlock their hidden treasures.  Josh can do addition and subtraction faster than a calculator but is very timid and conceals it.  Asperger’s is High Functioning Autism.  Isaac Newton, a mathematics and physics prodigy was suspected to have had Asperger’s syndrome.  Bill Gates, who invented Microsoft and is one of the richest men in the world, is also believed to have Asperger’s syndrome.  Isaac Newton and Bill Gate’s true potential were unlocked.  This charity tries to be the key to revealing autistic children’s gifts.

Parents of autistic children become stressed financially, mentally and physically.  Siblings are also involved.  Would you like it if someone came up to you and said, ‘your brother is weird, what’s he doing?” Or if they laughed at your brother’s dancing?  Autism Awareness Australia creates an understanding that these children and not always in control of their actions.  Autism Awareness Australia provides resources to decrease stress levels.  For example, a theatre performance of The Lion King was especially for children with autism.  The children were allowed to be loud and noisy and if they didn’t want to watch the performance, there was a special arts and crafts table to play at.

I selected this charity because people with autism need to be understood, not to be laughed at when they are screaming.  Researching more about autism is beneficial because we need to open the fastened chests.
Jo Jo V

Westmead Hospital Liver Unit
Good morning everyone.
Maisy: My name is Maisy T and this is my brother Edward.  I actually have two brothers but unfortunately my other brother does not come to John Colet because he is sick and unwell.

Edward: Harvey is my twin brother which means we were born on the same day.  I was born healthy but sadly Harvey was not. 

Maisy: Harvey was born with chronic liver disease.  A chronic disease is an illness that you cannot treat.  You will never get better and you need a great deal of medical help and attention.

Edward: This means my brother spends a lot of time in hospital.  The doctors tried to make him better by giving him a liver transplant – TWICE – but it has not worked.

Maisy: The doctors need lots of equipment to help them treat Harvey and other patients like him.  They require special machines to test Harvey’s blood and liver function. It is really important that the machines give accurate readings so that Harvey’s doctors know how to treat him.

Edward: As you know, I recently ran over the Harbour Bridge to raise money for Harvey’s liver doctors.  I raised quite a bit of money but we are a LONG way off our total.

Maisy:  The liver doctors need to raise $40,000 but every dollar counts and we would like you to consider voting for us, and Harvey, in order to help the doctors at Westmead Children’s Hospital purchase the equipment they need.  If Harvey was here today and could speak, I’m sure he would thank you from the bottom of his heart. Thank you for listening to us today
Maisy T (5D) and Edward T (2M)

Nike Foundation
Good morning
I believe our next Mufti day fundraiser should go towards the Nike Foundation, and no this is not about sports shoes.  In third world countries, many families cannot afford to send their children to school and draw the girls out when they are 12 or younger, therefore the women do not have the potential to get a job or earn a living for themselves when they are older.  Their only option is to marry and rely on their husband to feed and protect them and their children.  They live in poverty.

The Nike Foundation delivers money to these young women and their schools so that they can receive a proper education and leave school when they are 18, not 12.  Not only does this foundation take care of education, it also provides health care to those in need.  250 million adolescent  girls live in poverty.

But they are the most powerful force for change in the world.  In fact, research has shown that if you help one 12 year old girl, this will help her whole community, and the next generations, to break the cycle of hard and unhappy lives.  Girls are the future mothers of every child born, and educated happy mothers are more likely to have educated, happy children.

Thank you for listening to my speech, don’t let these girls suffer, we have the power to change their lives.
Lone F

World Vision
Last year for Christmas our Church sponsored a child called Kuko.  He was seven years old and lived with his Aunty and Grandmother, with his little brother.  He couldn’t go to school because he couldn’t afford it.
We gave him $50 a week.  We made cookies, lemonade and biscuits and with that he is able to live the life he and his family should be able to live.
If you have a heart, and if you open your eyes, you can see the future for people in need.
Vote for World Vision!

Eleanor M and Talayasen H
6th class

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