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Let's sing and have fun!

The Infants children in each of the classes have “Singing Games” with Mrs. Donald once a week.

This is designed to develop co-ordination, gross motor skills and hand-to-eye  co-ordination as well as rhythm and spatial awareness.  That’s the serious side.

There’s also a fun side – enjoying the movement, being outside and taking turns in choosing, dancing with partners or in formations.  We do games such as “Here comes a Bluebird”, “Fly’s in the Buttermilk”, “Oats and Beans and Barley Grow”, “Cobbler’s work like this is done”, “Did you ever see a Lassie/Laddie?”, “The Seven Steps”, and more.

Some time in 2nd Class the children graduate from these dances to a programme of lessons called “Music, Mime and Movement”.  This too they enjoy, and it takes them a step further in honing their miming, movement and co-ordination skills.  Listening and responding become key issues.

Useful skills combined with fun …
upper first singing and dancing

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