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Book Week Incursions: Spike the Echidna

Our Infants students are in for a treat on Friday 21st August when we round out our Book Week celebrations with a shadow puppet story telling incursion, "Spike the Echidna".

Spike is the story of a young echidna who hatches from his egg, only to find he is in the wrong nest. He doesn't have any spikes yet, and he doesn’t know who he is and where he belongs. He finds himself in turn in the nest of a crocodile, an emu, a lyrebird and a pelican. He feels frightened, rejected and alone. He meets a young girl playing alone in the bush because she is bullied by other children. She is shy, clumsy and awkward, but
she helps him discover where he belongs. Spike finds his place in the world in a way that parallels her own story.

Told through the art form of contemporary shadow theatre, Spike is an dynamic interactive experience that's fun and a catalyst for a discussion about bullying, difference and belonging. It offers students tools for overcoming these barriers. It is also environmental education about the remarkable biology of Australian animals, especially the echidna, which is one of the only egg-laying mammals in the world. After the performance, there will be demonstration of the techniques of shadow puppetry, introducing students to an expressive hands-on story-telling medium that is very accessible to young people.

Spike was co-written with acclaimed authors Anne Brooksbank and Jenny Ellis.


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