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4th class enters RSL competition

4th class have been asked to enter the RSL competition which is held every year called ‘Australia – My Country’.
They have chosen to write poetry. Here are Alethea F and Samsara C's beautiful poems...

Caring, proud country
Glittering like a bright collage
She cries silently for the dead ANZACs
Loving heart-warming mother
Did she join us in saying sorry?
Can she feel the roots of our people?
Proud, fluttering flag
Bushfires, hot, merciful
She loves
My place.

Alethea F

Nurturing, heart-warming mother
Her heart is the soul of her people
Up and down, boom, boom.
She stands silently whilst we dance on her
Gracefully, day in.....day out....
Flowing, rushing waterfalls
How long has she been here?
Does she hear what we say?
Huge, immense island
Dreams can come true in her hands
Keeper of peace for all
My place.

Samsara C


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