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What Year 7 co-ordinators are saying about John Colet Students:

“All the John Colet students we have had have been very well-prepared for high school.  They are academically a cut above.”

“What I have noticed about John Colet students is their consistency.  You must be doing something right. Not just academically but in their character, they look after each other and make friends easily.  Send us as many as you’ve got!”

“I like the students from your school.  They know how to work, and have all the basics.  And one other thing, they are joiners.  They get involved in the life of school, joining the debating team, the drama club and so on.”


What parents of recent graduates are saying about John Colet School

“My children were incredibly well-prepared for high school.  I suppose like all children they were a bit nervous leaving a small and caring school for a much bigger high school.  But they were really happy when they go there and found all the work was easy, they made good friends quickly and have received high praise from their teachers.  Thank you, John Colet.”

“Aside from all the obvious things – good training in the syllabus, good work habits – the thing I think I value most was that the children care for each other.  They were always encouraged to look after younger and less able students while at John Colet, and this has continued into high school.”

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