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Academic Success

What are the 5 key points that makes John Colet School in Belrose different?

  • Loving, dedicated, stable teaching staff who are strongly committed to living up to the standards they expect of the children.
  • Challenging rich curriculum based on the principle of exposing the children to the best the culture has to offer – Shakespeare, Mozart, Classical Languages etc
  • Shared philosophical approach, a sort of John Colet School way of doing things ie seeing the best in each child and trying to meet them as unique individuals.
  • Hot food provided daily, with emphasis on serving your neighbour, care and manners
  • Well managed, strong vision – consistency, warm-hearted, loving atmosphere.

We are good at teaching children with educational/behavioural differences as well as extending academically gifted students.

We aim to prepare all children well for high school and for life beyond, both academically and emotionally with high resilience, organizational skills and strength of character; giving children a sense of what “being of service” is about and how they can be good citizens.  We want them to succeed in the world, while at the same time having a sense of self-awareness and confidence which allows them to be proof against the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune.

We are committed to the idea that you can pitch things up to young children which might seem beyond them (Shakespeare, Mozart, Sanskrit); and that these things enrich them and make them love learning.  Give students things which are worthwhile, and they will learn that schools teach worthwhile things. 

Also, our school stuck with elements that fell out of favour (grammar, spelling, learning times tables by heart for example) only to see them return to favour – things we believed in all along.

Most importantly we are fully committed to the idea that we all, children included, have a still, conscious, intelligent centre to our being, and that access to this through contemplation, stillness and meditation, unlocks a world of creativity, strength and compassion.

We try to provide:

  • the best food and physical activities; 
  • the most useful, interesting subject content, as well as thought provoking discussion; 
  • exposure to the richest literature, art and music; and the finest moral and ethical principles;
  • a daily experience of peace and stillness, and input from the great teachers of mankind.

Words that sum up our school are: Academic rigour, love of learning, culturally rich, multi-faith, recognition of individual talents, family friendly, quirky.

Staff members are proud to be part of a school that turns out children who are not only ready for high school, but are resilient, able to think independently, and want to contribute to their communities and society.

John Colet students go on to attend a variety of high schools. Year after year, our students continue to excel in a range of selective high schools, GPS and other independent schools as well as systemic Catholic schools. 

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6 Wyatt Ave, Belrose
NSW 2085 Australia

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